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About Us

Hello! We are so happy to share our story with you! 

We are a happy family of four, me, Mom (Liudmila), Dad (Valeriy). We come from a beautiful country Ukraine. Don't want to get too deep into all the details but I will say a main thing about the three of us, we are always hustling, looking for new opportunities to grow, make our life brighter even at the darkest and hardest times. That's what we did in Ukraine and when we moved to the United States of America 10 years ago. My parents thought their lives couldn't get any better, they worked regular jobs and so did I.  All of us lost ourselves at some point or another, not due to working hard but because we wanted to create something ourselves, something beautiful, something to amaze people and ourselves with. So Liudmila and Valeriy, thought long and hard about what would be a good idea to invest their time and resources in. And one amazing day they remembered that a long time ago back in Ukraine they started a small flower business but for some reason, it didn't go well back then and there. They reflected on the possible problems, marketing ideas and strategies that didn't go well and introduced the idea to me . I was skeptical at first, because I worked in a totally different field.

But after some time I was opened to the idea of  creating our own flower shop.

Since we were new in this field, especially to opening a business in USA, first we started working online. I knew English the best from our family, so marketing, social media, website, customer service, etc., was on me, Valeriy was handling the financial support and investing, Liudmila is our talented florist! Slowly we started getting orders and a lot of positive feedback from our dearest clients. 

And that's how we got were we are now! We are still on our way to make something much greater and more exciting!

So we thank you all for the support and trust in us. We promise to always bring the best service. Have the best selection of fresh flowers. And offer exclusive deals for our loyal customers!

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